Who improves our country...?

Not the president, not the politician, not the authorities...etc. 


Each of us can improve our country. 


If each of us tries to improve, the village is getting better. If the villages are becoming better, the city is getting better. If the cities are getting better, the state is becoming better. If the states are becoming better, the country is going to be better. 


For example, if someone thinks “Just a tiny cigarette butt of mine will not make the city dirty.“ or “Sanitation Department of the city council cleans the wastes anyway.“, the city is becoming dirty and the country as well. 


In Japan, if you go to a higher priest and say „I would like to purify my soul…“ He will say “You cannot take out your soul out of your body to purify. But you can clean around you so that your soul can be purified. “ 


If you pick up one waste, the city is one waste cleaner. 


Not to think about yourself but for someone else….  

The more people try, the better our country becomes. 


Our life is not only ours. We exist because of our ancestors. We received our life from them. And our life continues in our descendants. 


Our mission is to respect our ancestors and to prepare a good country for our descendants. 


The cleaning activity has a form of miracle power to purify our souls. With cleaning activities, bad schools or bad organizations are becoming better. 


In the second half of 1980, New York City was a violent place as portrayed in the movies. The mayor Rudolph Giuliani has enforced strict sanctions for light crimes and cleaned the city.  


For example, the graffiti on trains was erased immediately based on the broken window theory. After a while, the crime rate including murder cases reduced dramatically.  


As a similar case of Japan, in Shinjuku Kabukicho, where there is always crime, the same method was used to reduce the crime rate significantly. 

Because of such miracle power, the police force in Japan joined the to assist with the cleaning and help reduce crime rate. 


A minister of Saudi Arabia for education found it is a good idea that children in Japan clean the school themselves. He started it in his own country with 100 schools.  After a while, there was improvement in the attitude of the children, so they increased the awareness to make it widespread in schools. 


In 2016, Singapore also started the cleaning activity by children themselves in the schools. 


Cleaning is a mysterious miracle power.  Join the cleaning activity with emphasis to improve our world. 



Some sentences are from Smiles and Kagiyama who started the cleaning activity in Japan more than 30 years ago. Today there are over 100.000 participants in Japan.) 


Our life: 

Professor Murakami of Tsukuba University in Japan says: 

“There are 23 chromosomes of each father and 23 chromosomes of each mother which means there are 70,000,000,000,000 possibilities of combinations for a child to come to the world.  


It means that the possibility of the first child is likely to win the lottery million times one after another. 


Everyone has a parent(= 2 persons). Both mother and father have parents(= 4 persons). If you go back 10 generations in this way, you have 512 parents (1,024 ancestors). 


Going back 15 generations, over 16,000 parents (over 32,000 ancestors) and 20 generations, half a million of parents (1 million of ancestors). 


Going back 50 generations, you will find that you are connected with over 1,000,000,000,000,000 (by blood) 


From such a huge number of ancestors, even if one of them is missing, you will not exist. 


Life of ours is important.  And such important lives are lost by war and terrorism.  


Cleaning activity also has a power to make humility. 



If you wish you can do something good, something for others, something which does not bring any gain for yourself, to make your city better, join the cleaning activity!